3 Emergency/Survival Skills That I Learned While Visiting Amish Country Ohio

3 Survival Skills I Learned From Visiting Amish Country


Me and my family just got back from a couple days of visiting Amish Country here in Ohio. It was a good family getaway. We stayed in an old farm house way out in the woods.

We had a pond and had fun just spending time together as a family with limited electronics.

You might be wondering why an article about Amish Country is on a website about being prepared but you will understand that here in a minute.

3 Survival Skills I Learned From Visiting Amish Country
Walnut Creek Farms

On one of our outings during our trip we went to a place called Walnut Creek Farms. This was a great place where you can get pulled on a wagon while you feed animals that come up to your wagon.

They also had houses you could go into where they had canning equipment and many jars of food.

After we walked out of that house my son turned to me and said “The Amish are already ready for the apocalypse.”

What he meant by that was that they are already self-sufficient so when disaster strikes they are ready for it.

That brought to mind thoughts I have had before that with all the technology we have, instead of going forward we have actually gone backwards with being able to provide for ourselves.

3 Survival Skills I Learned From Visiting Amish Country
Dreaded Alert

Here Are The 3 Survival Skills I Learned From Visiting Amish Country

How will you hold up in a power outage?

Let’s dive into that last sentence. Think back to the last time your power went out for an extended amount of time.

How many people around you where prepared and knew how to survive on their own without electricity?

Where I live when the power goes out for long periods of time some people are prepared but the majority are in panic mode.

Now imagine that happening for a long period of time. This could happen for any number of reasons. Natural disasters, war, and emp’s to name a few.

The point is that we have become so dependent on technology that when it isn’t available we don’t know how to survive without it.

I am just as guilty with this. I like my comforts and can’t wait for the electric to come back on when it goes out.

3 Survival Skills I Learned From Visiting Amish Country
Not Getting Through Here

Major wind storm……..

The week before we went to Amish country they had a major wind storm and as we drove around we saw the aftermath in many places.

There where tons of trees down and you could see where many of the roads where closed off by fallen trees. I was very glad that we hadn’t booked our trip for the previous week.

Seeing all this damage though made me think about how it affected the Amish.

3 Survival Skills I Learned From Visiting Amish Country
Out For A Stroll

I know there are different orders of Amish and that it can vary greatly on what they are or are not allowed to use.

For example one group of Amish may be able to use gas powered farm equipment but others are not. For the most part though they seem to be self-sufficient.

As we drove by all the farms we could see farm animals and large gardens. So let’s think about this storm hitting and how it would affect us verse them.

How would this affect us?

First let’s think about how it would affect us. Let’s say some large trees have fallen that have taken out the power lines and blocking our way out of our driveway.

If it where summer we would have to think of a way to stay cool and keep our food in our refrigerator from spoiling.

Most people only have 72hrs worth of food in their house so you would have to figure out a way to get out of your driveway to go find food somewhere.

This could be very difficult because there could be trees down in other places along the road.

Depending on how far-reaching the power outage is there might not be any stores nearby to get food. This could become a desperate situation quickly if you hadn’t prepared in any way.

3 Survival Skills I Learned From Visiting Amish Country
Amish Farm

From the Amish perspective……

Let’s look at the same situation from the Amish perspective. First off they don’t rely on the power grid so the fact of the power being out wouldn’t affect their lively hood immediately.

A lot of the Amish we saw had solar panels on their house so the loss of power would not affect them at all.

Secondly a lot of them had gardens and livestock on their farms. Not being able to get to the grocery store wouldn’t affect them very much. They have their own grocery store in their back yards.

On top of being self-sufficient from what I have learned the Amish tend to be very community oriented. They help each other out when needed.

3 Survival Skills I Learned From Visiting Amish Country

So like I talked about in a previous article, it is important to have people around you so you can work as a team in the event of an emergency.

The Amish already do this in their every day lives so they are one step ahead.

In conclusion there are 3 things we can learn from the Amish.

  1. Be self-sufficient as much as you can. I know we are all in different situations but it would be nice to not have to rely on the electrical grid or food supply chain in the case of an emergency.
  2. Have a community of people around you that can help each other out in case of emergency. This is a good thing in everyday life also because relationships are important. Our society tries to make us more and more isolated but relationships bring us belonging and joy.
  3. Be hard workers. The Amish seem to be very hard workers and from what I have learned recently is that the harder you work for something the more fulfilling it is.

Thanks for reading about our Amish adventures.

3 Survival Skills I Learned From Visiting Amish Country

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