Basic survival skills

Basic Survival Skills Everyone Must Know

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Your chances of surviving a situation that might end your life can be significantly improved by being familiar with wilderness survival skills. A few examples of this would include being able to construct a shelter, hunt for food plants, locate sources of water, and start a fire.

Practice your hard skills in situations that are similar to those you would encounter in the field so that you can evaluate how well you perform under pressure.

A optimistic attitude, mental training, and the ability to creatively solve problems are all important factors in this area.

Your self-assurance will increase as a result of consistent practice and development, which will allow you to maintain your resilience in the face of hardship.



Basic Survival Skills Everyone Must Know

If you get lost in the woods, one of the first things you should do is look for a spot to take cover from the weather. However, a secure location that is protected from the elements might be difficult to locate.

Constructing a temporary shelter in your backyard may be an excellent way to put the skills you learned as a youngster when you were building forts to use.

There are many different types of shelters that you might construct, but your choices will be limited by the terrain, the environment, and the season. You should begin by constructing something simple, like a lean-to or tarp-tent, and then work your way up to the point where you feel comfortable lashing together long branches to make a teepee.

If you reside in a region that receives a significant amount of snowfall throughout the winter, you should take advantage of the cold weather to practice building a snow cave shelter for yourself.


Basic Survival Skills Everyone Must Know

You may build a fire using dried leaves, pine needles, or tiny pieces of wood. This will allow you to cook a meal, keep warm, or scare off wild creatures from your shelter location. To ignite tinder and kindling, you may either use matches that are waterproof or a fire starter.


Basic Survival Skills Everyone Must Know

It could surprise you to learn that your backyard farm or the surrounding area include a surprising number of wild plants that are delicious. Plants are an essential source of nutrients that might give a low-impact source of energy in the event that you are in a survival emergency.

It may be difficult to determine which plants are edible since many poisonous species have traits that are similar to those of non-poisonous species.

Stinging nettle, dandelion, lamb’s quarters, and miner’s lettuce are among the clearly recognizable plants that can be found growing in abundance throughout the nation and are not only rich in nutrients but also flavorful.

If you are new to the practice of searching for food in the wild, it is advised to steer clear of fungus and mushrooms, since many different kinds may be fatal.

You may also brush up on your identification skills in your backyard by checking a local botanical handbook. This can be done in a number of different ways.


Basic Survival Skills Everyone Must Know

In the event that you get lost in the bush without a weapon, you won’t have much of a chance of fending off dangerous animals that are hunting for an easy meal.

Underappreciated as a tool, a slingshot may be fashioned in a short amount of time using just the most fundamental of components that are simple enough to be found about the house.

You will just need a stick with a fork in it, some rubber tubing, and either leather or canvas to make the pad.

After you have completed the construction of your slingshot, you should take some time to practice aiming and firing it at various targets that you have placed about your yard.

While you are discharging your weapon, you should always wear protective eyewear and make sure that no one is in your line of sight.


Basic Survival Skills Everyone Must Know

One of your first priorities in a life-or-death crisis is to discover a reliable source of clean water and stock up on it. Only around three days without water is sustainable for a human being. Water may be boiled, treated with iodine tablets, or filtered using a water purifier to eliminate any potential bacteria or parasites.

Regardless of the technique you choose, purifying a significant amount of water is essential if you want to meet your hydration needs.


Basic Survival Skills Everyone Must Know

The ability to fish for survival and to set a trap to capture small wildlife are both critical talents that enable you to collect valuable sources of protein while using a minimal amount of energy.

It is necessary to practice laying a number of different snares and deploying a range of fishing tactics so that you are prepared for any scenario.

Snares and fishing techniques vary based on your prey, thus it is important to practice setting a variety of different snares.

If you practice laying snares in your backyard, you should be sure to deconstruct them when you are through so that you do not injure any of the local animals or dogs in the area.


Basic Survival Skills Everyone Must Know

In the event that you get ill or wounded while you are out in the wilderness, it may be difficult for emergency personnel to locate you and provide assistance.

It is possible that knowing and being able to provide first aid can save either your life or the life of someone you care deeply about.

Practice delivering first aid for a variety of common injuries that might arise in a survival scenario with a buddy, a partner, or a member of your family at your side.

These include the standard protocol for performing cardiopulmonary resuscitation (CPR), stopping bleeding, healing burns, maintaining limb stability, and locating plants that are calming for bug stings and abrasions.

Send Rescue Signals

Basic Survival Skills Everyone Must Know

Make use of visible and aural signs like mirrors, whistles, and smoke to draw the attention of rescuers and inform them of your position so that you may be evacuated.

Especially if you are venturing out on your own, it is important to ensure that your emergency pack includes a solar battery charger for your mobile phone.


Basic Survival Skills Everyone Must Know

These talents shouldn’t be ignored. It’s not only important for survival, but also handy for camping, rock climbing, and sailing. Apps may save your life if you’re in danger.

Knots may help secure hunting traps, fishing line, bandages, and survival shelters. They’re important for almost every skill on this list. Knots aren’t only for shoes and presents.


I hope this article on basic survival skills got you thinking about the areas you are good at and the areas you need to improve on.

Knowledge is power….

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*All information in this post is my opinion and gathered through my own research. Please do your own research before following any information in this post. This is for information purposes only. Also consult your doctor before taking any supplements*

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