What Is The Best 72 Hour Survival Backpack?

Best Survival Backpack for 72 Hrs: Your Ultimate Guide

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I just came across this really cool survival backpack on amazon and it goes right along with what I talked about in a previous post labeled Homemade Car Survival Kit.

In that article I talked about how I put together a car kit that would help in the event of a car emergency or being stranded.

I went the homemade route because I have a friend that is very into survivalist skills and he help me put my kit together.

If I didn’t have him as a resource at the time I probably would have bought a ready made pack like this one.

Here is the best survival backpack for 72 hrs……..

Check it out
the responder 72 hr survival pack

The Responder 72 hr Pack


  • The Responder comes with Water Pouches(2), each with 9 US Coast Guard approved water packs.
  • Food Pouches(2), each with a total of 3,600 calories of US Coast Guard approved food bars.
  • Personal Pouches(2), each containing goggles(1), poncho(1) for personal protection, carry more for family members, wet wipes(15), female hygiene items for sanitation(3), whistle(1), and sleeping bag(1).
  • The GridNet system stores a knife(1), tent(1), paracord(1), duct tape(1), weather radio(1), cable ties(10), splint(1), match set(1), glow sticks(6),
  • Lifestraw(1) and the Surviveware Small First Aid Kit for minor injuries(1), is stored inside the dedicated First Aid Pocket.


  1. ✅Expertise: Surviveware specializes in emergency preparedness, survival, and first aid, reflecting a deep understanding of these areas.
  2. ✅Positive Reputation: The company has garnered the trust and love of thousands of customers worldwide.
  3. ✅Family-Owned: Being a small family-run business often implies personalized care and attention to customers.
  4. ✅Strong Partnerships: Collaborations with reputable brands like Lifestraw and SOS Emergency ensure high-quality supplies in their kits.
  5. ✅Comprehensive Contents: The Responder kit includes a wide range of essential items, from food and water to safety gear and first aid. It is a great all in one asset to have in the event of an emergency.
  6. ✅Organized: Surviveware’s renowned organization system ensures ease of access to crucial items.
  7. ✅Coast Guard Approval: Food and water supplies are US Coast Guard approved, attesting to their quality and safety. Making it a great 72 hour kit.


  1. ❌Limited Selection: Surviveware may have a limited range of products compared to larger companies.
  2. ❌Price: High-quality survival kits can be relatively expensive, which might be a drawback for budget-conscious consumers.
  3. ❌Availability: Depending on demand and stock, Surviveware products may not always be readily available.
  4. ❌Size: The Responder kit, while comprehensive, may be too bulky for some users’ preferences or storage options.

Features & details 

  • UNMATCHED ORGANIZATION: Why do survival backpacks out there keep all their supplies in a jumbled mess of disorganization? The Responder Survival Backpack different from any other survival system out there.
  • This emergency bag was designed for optimal organization with personalized pouches and grid system. Food, Water, and Personal Items are evenly divided and stored in dedicated pouches for each person. This means quick access to any disaster preparedness supplies in the Responder.

survivor ware 72 hour backpack with contents spread out
  • TRUSTED BRANDS With over 5000 5-Star reviews on our first aid kits and outdoor products, you know that your family’s safety is in good hands. We have also partnered with LifeStraw and SOS Emergency, to provide you with the best water filter, water sachets and food bars on the market.
  • THE ESSENTIALS The Responder takes preparedness to the next level. Custom engineered from durable tarpaulin material, this emergency kit delivers on all of the essentials in methodical, systematic order: the right amount of water, food, and survival gear to weather Natural Disasters.
Best Survival Backpack for 72 Hrs: Your Ultimate Guide
Wild Fires
  • PACKS A PUNCH At 27 pounds this bag is not light and for good reason; it’s designed to withstand whatever nature throws at you and contains the right amount of food, water and gear for two people for three days.
  • The Responder is crafted with ergonomic handles and straps to ensure weight is evenly distributed so that you can carry it comfortably and concentrate on what matters most, surviving those critical 72hrs.

survivor ware 72 hour back pack showing all it contents
  • ABOVE AND BEYOND The Responder is the only 72-hour emergency kit that provides you with a dedicated compartment for your laptop and personal documentation, plus a front-zipper-pouch for quick access to personal items.
  • Plan ahead by going through the complete emergency guide that has been added to the pack.


What is The Responder 72 hr Pack by Surviveware?

The Responder 72 hr Pack by Surviveware is a meticulously designed and highly versatile emergency backpack, curated to provide essential supplies for individuals during the critical first 72 hours of an emergency or disaster situation.

What makes The Responder 72 hr Pack unique?

This pack stands out due to its thoughtful organization, durable construction, and inclusion of high-quality supplies. It’s designed to cater to the needs of first responders, adventurers, and anyone seeking a reliable and comprehensive emergency kit.

What supplies are included in The Responder 72 hr Pack?

The pack includes a wide range of supplies, such as water purification tablets, emergency food rations, a versatile multi-tool, first aid kit, emergency blanket, flashlight, and communication tools, among others. These items address immediate survival, medical, and communication needs.

How is the pack organized?

The Responder 72 hr Pack features a multi-compartment design for easy access and organization. There are dedicated pockets for each type of item, ensuring quick retrieval even in stressful situations.

Is the pack suitable for outdoor enthusiasts?

Absolutely! The Responder 72 hr Pack is an ideal companion for outdoor enthusiasts, campers, hikers, and backpackers. Its durable construction and comprehensive set of supplies make it an essential addition to any outdoor adventure.

How long can the included emergency food last?

The emergency food rations provided can last up to 72 hours, ensuring that you have sustenance during the initial critical period of an emergency.

Is the first aid kit comprehensive?

Yes, the first aid kit included in The Responder 72 hr Pack is carefully curated to address a variety of medical needs. It contains items for wound care, basic medical treatment, and even a CPR face shield for added safety.

How durable is the pack?

The pack is constructed using high-quality materials designed to withstand tough conditions. It’s made to be water-resistant and durable, ensuring your supplies remain protected even in challenging environments.

How often should I update the supplies in the pack?

It’s recommended to review and update the supplies in the pack periodically, at least once a year, to ensure that items such as food, batteries, and medications remain within their expiration dates.

Is the pack easy to carry?

Yes, the pack is designed with comfort in mind. It features padded shoulder straps and a waist belt to distribute the weight evenly, making it easier to carry during prolonged periods

In Conclusion…..

If you are looking for a car survival kit that is already put together for you then click any of the hyperlinks or click here for more information or to purchase this pack.

Keep in mind that this kit is for two people so make sure you account for all the people in your family.

Check out this article below to see how to put together a ready made car emergency kit:

me and my hunny

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*All information in this post is my opinion and gathered through my own research. Please do your own research before following any information in this post. This is for information purposes only. Also consult your doctor before taking any supplements*

**This post contains affiliate links. I receive a commission from any purchases that are made. This in no way changes the price for you. I am paid directly from the manufacturer.**

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