Planning for home defense

Planning for Home Defense: 3 Things to Consider

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Today I want to bring up some questions and share some ideas to get you to start thinking through your personal home defense plan.
This will give you a place to start from to consider how you will protect your home and property if God forbid it becomes necessary.

This is kind of like insurance, you want it in place just in case but hope to never use it. It goes right along with our motto. Not Scared Always Prepared!!!!

Let’s dive into the 3 things to consider while planning for home defense…..

Planning for Home Defense: 3 Things to Consider

1. Location…….

The first thing we need to consider is the location of our house and property. Are you out in the country surrounded by woods or in a skyscraper apartment in the city? Your plan will look very different depending on your location.

If you are out in the country you may consider ways that people can get onto your property and set up ways to block those paths or set in place technology to alert you to people’s presence on your property. There are several great products out there for this purpose.

Planning for Home Defense: 3 Things to Consider

If you are in the city you need to consider if you need to secure a place outside of the city to go to if necessary or if you plan to hunker down where you are.

If you plan to stay you also need to consider technology to alert you to people’s presence in and around your apartment.

Check out the article below to see how to start homesteading:

Hungarian Defence Force install barbed wire

2. Home Perimeter Security……..

Once we have considered our location we need to look at how we will secure our property. The first thing we need to look at is the entrances to our home or apartment.

There are tons of products out there that can be used to alert and protect against entry into these entrances.

Planning for Home Defense: 3 Things to Consider

For example there are security systems that will ring into your local law enforcement but if the power is out or if there is mass chaos you can’t rely on someone coming to help.

There are also alarms that will alert you to someone opening the door or window that don’t connect to anything.

I personally like these because it will alert you and allow you to deal with the situation. There is also many ways and products to secure and reinforce your doors and windows.

I plan to review some of these products in future posts. Another consideration is where your bedrooms are located.

In our specific situation our bedrooms are located on the second floor so we have the advantage of distance on our side.

Planning for Home Defense: 3 Things to Consider

3. Your Neighbors…….

This kind of goes along with location but consider who your neighbors are. Will they help you in a crisis situation or become part of the problem.

We have very good neighbors around us and I know that they would help us as much as they could in any given situation and vise versa.

Like I mentioned in a previous post called How To Start Prepping On A Budget it is a good idea to get to know your neighbors before a crisis situation arises.

It is good to do this anyway because as God says in the Bible “Love your neighbor as yourself”.

Planning for Home Defense: 3 Things to Consider

Like I said we have been blessed with very good neighbors and we help each other out with everyday things already, so in the event of a crisis this will come naturally since we already have a relationship with them.

In Conclusion……..

This was meant to get you started thinking about what your personal protection plan will be for your family and property.

These are general things to think through and everyone’s plan will look different depending on your situation, location, and budget.

Thank you for taking the time to read this post and I hope and pray that you or I will never have to put this plan into action but just like our motto says:


Here is a book that goes way more in-depth about home defense:

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