Best windproof lighter

Discover the Best Windproof Lighter: My #1 Pick

Today I want to tell you about a product that I just came across. It is called Crossfire Plasma Lighter by InstaFlame.

This lighter would be a great addition to your homemade car survival kit or to even have around your house as another way to start a fire.

Imagine being out and about and it is very windy outside. You pull out a regular or a match and they instantly go out.

You and your family are cold and need some warmth. That is where this product comes in.

Discover the Best Windproof Lighter: My #1 Pick

This lighter is water and wind proof so you will be able to use it in all kinds of weather conditions. Now keeping your fire going in these kind of conditions is another story that I may cover in a later post.

A Quick Video Explaining Why This Is The Best Windproof Lighter:

The Flame that Never Fails. Replaces 150 Lighters!

Discover the Best Windproof Lighter: My #1 Pick

The Crossfire Plasma Lighter is a USB-rechargeable lighter that produces a dual arc plasma charge instead of an open flame—which means even gale-force, winds, rain, and snow won’t put it out.

Discover the Best Windproof Lighter: My #1 Pick

Lights 350,000 Times, Every Time – Here’s a lighter that won’t run out of fuel or blow out. Over its life it will light a total of 350,000 times – easy and dependable – even in the elements.

Wind and Waterproof – Even the best lighters are hit and miss in tough conditions. The Crossfire is the mother of all nature-proof lighters. It can’t be beat by wind, snow, or rain.


Breaks through Ice and Glass – A true life saver! Break out of a car, through icy barriers, and more.

Discover the Best Windproof Lighter: My #1 Pick

Kindling Container – At 2 ½-inches high, the storage chamber holds enough InstaFire to light up a flame in a matter of seconds. It’s also perfect for storing other forms of kindling.

Discover the Best Windproof Lighter: My #1 Pick


  • USB rechargeable 700 times – each charge is good for 500 lights = 350,000 fire lights
  • Turns off by itself after 8 seconds without use
  • Aluminum alloy & titanium – very rugged
  • Child-safety features

In Conclusion……

If you are looking for a lighter that will perform no matter what kind of weather is thrown at it then give this product a try. It would make a great addition to your prepping supplies.

P.S. This lighter would pair well with this solar power bank if you are worried about recharging this lighter or are going to be without power for along time. What Is The Best Solar Power Bank That Can Be Used In Emergency Situations? (My #1 Pick)

Discover the Best Windproof Lighter: My #1 Pick

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