Best Jump Starter With An Air Compressor

Best Jump Starter with Air Compressor: My Top Pick

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In a previous post labeled Homemade Survival Car Kit one of the items I mentioned was a car battery jumper kit with an air compressor.

Today I wanted to do a quick review of the specific brand that we went with. As the above title says we went with the Stanley Fat Max Jumper Pack that has the air compressor also. 

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stanley fatmax 700 jump starter

Stanley FATMAX 700

  • Delivers jump-starting power with 700 peak amps and 350 instant starting amps
  • Reverse polarity alarm alerts when there is an improper connection on the battery terminals; Connect the clamps to the battery, turn on the switch and start your vehicle
  • Features a 120 PSI air compressor to help inflate tires with low pressure; High-powered LED light rotates 270 degrees to help you work in the dark


  1. Versatility: It combines the functions of a car jumpstarter and an air compressor, making it a versatile tool to have in your car in case of a dead car battery on the side of the road or low tire pressure.
  2. Powerful Jumpstarting: Able to jump start a wide range of vehicles, including cars, trucks, and boats, providing peace of mind in case of a dead battery. It has enough cranking power for gas engines and diesel engines up to a V6. For larger engines you will need a portable jump starter that has enough power for larger batteries.
  3. Air Compressor: The built-in air compressor can inflate tires, sports equipment, and inflatable toys, offering convenience during emergencies or for regular maintenance.
  4. Multiple Charging Ports: It often comes with multiple USB ports, allowing you to charge your devices on the go, such as smartphones or tablets.
  5. LED Work Light: Equipped with a bright LED flashlight, it can illuminate your surroundings in case you need to perform repairs or maintenance in low-light conditions.
  6. Compact and Portable: The compact design makes it easy to store in your car’s trunk, and it’s portable enough to take on road trips.


  1. Price: It may be relatively more expensive compared to basic jumpstarters due to its added features, which might not be necessary for everyone.
  2. Weight: The combination of a jumpstarter and air compressor can make it heavier than dedicated jumpstarters, which could be a concern for some users. This would not be the best option for people who aren’t able to carry very much. They make other battery jump starters that come in a more compact size.
  3. Limited Air Compressor Capacity: The air compressor’s capacity may not be sufficient for heavy-duty tasks, such as inflating large truck tires quickly.
  4. Battery Maintenance: Like all jumpstarters, it needs periodic charging to maintain its battery health, which means you need to remember to charge it regularly.

stanley fatmax 700 in camoflage print
Cammo Addition

Why do you need a jump starter with an air compressor?

I have used this jumper pack several times now and ironically enough I have only had to use the air compressor for one of our cars but have never had to use it to jump the battery on our cars. 

I have used it multiple times when we were out and about and someone was broken down.  It was very nice to be able to pull it out and help them out.

Whoever came up with the idea of a jumper pack was a very smart person. No longer do you have to try and figure out how to get two cars together to hook up jumper cables. This came with several challenges.

two cars hooked together with jumper cables
Good Times

One you had to figure out what side the battery was on in each car and line the cars up so the jumper cables would stretch far enough to be able to hook them up.

Second you had to hope that your car wasn’t blocked in, in a way that the other car wasn’t able to pull up to your car.  We had this happen with our van before we purchased this pack. 

The van was pulled into the garage and when we went to leave the next day the battery was dead.

One of the kids had left a light on in the van all night and walaw, dead battery.  I had to push the van out in the driveway and maneuver our other car to be able to hook up the jumper cables. 

This portable power station would have made this an easy process, that would have taken a whole lot less time, if we had it then.

my homemade car survival kit
My Homemade Kit


What is the Stanley FatMax 700 Jumpstarter with Air Compressor?

The Stanley FatMax 700 Jumpstarter with Air Compressor is a versatile and powerful device designed to jumpstart vehicles, inflate tires, and provide portable power on-the-go. It’s a reliable solution for emergencies and everyday convenience.

How does the jumpstarting feature work?

The jumpstarting feature utilizes the built-in battery power to provide a boost of energy to your vehicle’s dead battery, allowing you to start your vehicle without needing another car for assistance.

Can I use the air compressor to inflate other inflatable items?

Yes, the integrated air compressor can be used to inflate not only vehicle tires but also sports equipment, inflatable toys, and other items with appropriate valve attachments.

What is the battery capacity of the Stanley FatMax 700 Jumpstarter?

The jumpstarter is equipped with a high-capacity battery with [mention the specific battery capacity, e.g., 7000mAh], ensuring ample power for jumpstarting and other portable electronic devices.

How long does it take to fully charge the jumpstarter?

The charging time for the jumpstarter varies, but on average, it takes around [mention approximate charging time, e.g., 4-6 hours] to reach a full charge.

Is the jumpstarter suitable for all types of vehicles?

The jumpstarter is compatible with a wide range of vehicles, including cars, trucks, SUVs, motorcycles, boats, and more. It’s important to refer to the user manual for specific guidelines on vehicle compatibility and proper usage.

What safety features does the jumpstarter offer?

The Stanley FatMax 700 Jumpstarter prioritizes safety with features such as reverse polarity protection, overcharge protection, and short-circuit protection to prevent any potential hazards during operation.

Can I use the jumpstarter as a portable power source for my devices?

Yes, the jumpstarter comes equipped with USB ports, allowing you to charge your smartphones, tablets, laptops, and other USB-powered devices conveniently while on the go using the power bank and a usb cable.

What accessories are included with the Stanley FatMax 700 Jumpstarter?

The jumpstarter typically comes with essential accessories such as jumper cables, an air compressor hose, various nozzle attachments, and a user manual for easy setup and usage.

How can I maintain the longevity of the jumpstarter?

To ensure the longevity of your jumpstarter, it’s recommended to recharge it periodically, especially if it’s been idle for an extended period. Additionally, storing it in a cool and dry place when not in use can help preserve its performance.

Here is another option that doesn’t have an air compressor but is another power pack you can use in case of an emergency:

In Conclusion..

I would definitely recommend getting one of these packs or one similar to it.  They come in handy and it is nice to have the peace of mind that if the battery dies or you get a flat tire you have something to take care of it. 

To sum it up, keep the following in mind when you are deciding what battery pack to get:

  • Your battery type
  • ease of use
  • additional features, as in carrying case, digital display, emergency lights, charging ports
  • how much space it will take up
  • Lastly your budget

Below is an article about putting together a ready made car emergency kit:

me and my hunny

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*All information in this post is my opinion and gathered through my own research. Please do your own research before following any information in this post. This is for information purposes only. Also consult your doctor before taking any supplements*

**This post contains affiliate links. I receive a commission from any purchases that are made. This in no way changes the price for you. I am paid directly from the manufacturer.**

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